Virtual Office

We offer business support for those just starting in Sofia and needing somewhere to register their company or if you are part of a remote team that needs an office. Our coworking space is centrally located in Sofia, we’ll handle all your packages, and you get free meeting room hours to use as you please.

All your virtual office needs are under one roof

The postal address where you will be registered and may receive correspondence. This means that we will handle all of your business mail and shipments.

Plan One

30 Per Month
(without VAT)
  • Receive
  • Manage

Plan Two

50 Per Month
(without VAT)
  • Receive
  • Scan
  • Send
  • Keep the packages

Remotely there

Home for your company

Home for your company

If you’re looking for a change of scenery for your company’s legal department, come to the best coworking space in Sofia. That would be us, bul. “Vitosha” 1, 1000 Sofia Center in beautiful Bulgaria.

You've got mail

No, you will never have to wait in line at the post office or receive a courier on your doorstep again. We handle all of your mailings and send them to you to your home.

Working remote

When virtual just doesn't do it

Although working remotely has benefits, there are some important business meetings you cannot have from the comfort of your couch. Our meeting room is amazing and perfect for impressing people, plus we’re centrally located in the center of Sofia.

frequently asked questions

It’sIt’s simple to upgrade and downgrade your monthly virtual office plan. Email us at with the specifics of your desired virtual office plan, and we’ll alter your subscription effective at the beginning of the following month.

Yes, it’s very easy! All we’ll need is your new address” information.

The only other fees would be mail forwarding when using a courier service.

Certainly! Please let us know if you don’t want the mail to be forwarded. We’ll notify you when we get your mail and plan to collect it next week.