Social Media Recording Studio


We have a wide variety of lights, from natural softboxes to more creative options. We have a huge selection of colors and intensities that can be adjusted to your liking.


Our microphones are industry-standard for clarity and quality. Whether you need one or multiple mics, we’ve got you covered.

Soundproof foam panels

Our soundproofing foam panels help keep the sound from your recording studio at a minimum. This ensures that you get the best quality audio for your recording.


Our tripods are adjustable and can be used in any setting, indoors or out. They’re lightweight yet durable and stable.


We have several cameras to choose from, ranging from DSLRs to mirrorless options. Our staff will help you select the right camera for your video needs.

Backgrounds (White & Green)

We offer both white and green backgrounds for any type of video. We have a variety of sizes to choose from, so you can always get the perfect shot.

Movable tables and chairs

Our movable tables and chairs are perfect for any setup. They can be used in any way you desire to ensure your video looks exactly how you want it.

Recording Studio

If you need a place to record videos, take pictures, or podcast episodes, our studio is perfect for you!